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Custom Postcards

A Quick and Affordable Way to Increase Your Revenue!
  • Print 100 to 50,000 premium full color postcards
  • Fast 3 day turnaround with Priority Shipping
  • Choose from Glossy or Standard finish
  • Postcard Mailing Services – We Print, Address & Mail for you. Click Here
Standard 4x6 Postcards: As low as 12¢ per card
Postcards Mailed: Just 38¢ per car
Postcards with Mailing Service: 4" x 6"
Dimensions: Small, 4" x 6"
Card Stock: Premium Quality 14pt.
UV Coating: Optional Front Side UV Coating (glossy)
Mailing Service: Bulk Mail or First Class
Delivery Method: Shipped through UPS (United Parcel Service)
Manufacturing: Offset printing with stochastic RIP

Step 1: Register for an Account:
Click on register at the top of the screen. Reordering is easy. If you don't already have an account, it takes only a few seconds to save your account information and register.

Step 2: Create a Postcard:
Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates or upload your own artwork, add text and logos.

Step 3: Select a backside for your postcard, or leave the back white (blank).

Step 4: View the PDF proof:
View the artwork PDF and check for errors or typos.
Place your order.

Q. What is the cost of printing my postcards?
A. Please refer to the Pricing page on our website where you can enter the specifications of your order for an instant cost.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Simply create an account, choose your product and design or upload your artwork. Select your shipping method, or let us mail your order out from our facility. You will pay for the order by credit card on our secure website. It's as simple as that!

Q. I'm not finished designing my postcards, but have to leave my computer. Can I save the work I've already done?
A. Sure, just click "save" and your project will be saved. To find it, go to "my account" and "my saved projects."

Q. Can I make changes to my order?
A. Check your order history to be sure your cards haven't been printed. If not, you may then modify artwork, put your order on hold, change your shipping method or cancel your order. You may also change the quantity and other specifications.

Q. Do you provide proofs?
A. All proofs are viewed online and the colors are close to what will be printed, depending on your own monitor.

Q. Can I re-order my postcards at another time? A. On our home page you will find a "reorder button" for your convenience.

Q. What kind of paper is used for my cards?
A. We use a 14-point stock with a semi-gloss finish for our postcards.

Q. Do you offer UV Coating?
A. Yes, you may choose to add UV coating when you place your order.

Q. If I use my own mailing list, what format should I use to upload it?
A. We accept .txt, .cvs or .xls files for mailing lists.

Q. Is there anything special that the U.S. Post Office requires for mailing postcards?
A. You must have a 5/8" strip along the bottom of the back side of the card to allow for printing the barcode. In addition, you'll need 3.5" on the right side of the back for address imprinting. The U.S. Post Office will not mail any designs containing pornographic or illegal images.

Q. What if I have a problem after I've received my order?
A. Postcards.com will work with you to solve any problems you have. If you have made a typographical error, we will reprint your cards at a 50% discount. This discount, however, does not apply to mailing services. If we miss our production deadline or if UPS delays your package then we will fully refund your shipping charges ($50 Maximum).

Q. What if my cards arrive in the mail damaged or do not arrive to the recipients?
A. The postcards are delivered to USPS without smudges/scratches. They come in contact with different equipment at the USPS level that may cause damage. Once the order is delivered to the USPS, we have no control over damages or undeliverables. The same thing can occur if you mail them directly. We aren't able to reprint or refund if this occurs.

Not too long ago it finally became possible to purchase postcards online. However, until recently, it wasn't so easy to create a truly custom postcard design. Things have finally changed, largely due to advancements in internet technology (such as Macromedia Flash).

Early adopters of e-commerce printing technology did not have the range of controls for creating custom postcards online. Generally, users were stuck with the template that they were shown and could only modify the text. This is not exactly what most business owners desired. It is well known that truly custom designs have a better return on investment. The design should uniquely represent your business and portray the message that you are trying to convey.

The advent of Flash technology has ushered in a new wave of rich internet applications. Online printers have harnessed this technology to allow customers to create custom postcards from the comfort of their home or office. The idea is to start with a template that you like and then move things around with the mouse, change colors, fonts, size, positions, etc.

Of course, advanced users can easily create custom postcards in Illustrator, Photoshop, or other imaging software and upload the finished artwork to be printed. Generally PDF or EPS files are the standard for transferring files to be printed. These file formats support vector outlines which can send clean mathematical instructions (independent of image resolution). They can also specify exactly what mixture of CMYK colors to print with.

Then there is the hybrid approach, and our personal favorite. Start with a template that you like and then upload images (or layers) to create uniqueness. This means you can benefit from the vast database of templates and start with something that catches you attention. Upload your logo (with transparent edges) or your photograph, etc. With this approach you can quickly create custom postcards that look amazing with little effort and/or creative talent. Postcards.com has a great selection of artworks to start with and can accept PDF or EPS uploads to go on top.

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Brian Zimmerman is the is the Chief Editor for Postcards.com. Postcards.com is committed to providing businesses and individuals with the best tips, secrets, and advice for postcard marketing and purchasing.
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