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In the olden days the only options for ordering postcards were brick and mortar type of shops. You would have to crack open the yellow pages or ask around town to find a reputable company. The old ways are now being replaced with advanced e-commerce systems that let you create postcards online.

The benefits of of new technology in the printing sector can not be overstated. Just look at other industries such as video, music, and traffic school. Netflix, Itunes, streaming cable/satellite technology, and online traffic schools have forced the traditional shops to hang their hats. In my home town there are a couple of video rental shops still open but I rarely see anyone inside. Even though half of the population is sitting at home watching a movie... or listening to their new music album while taking care of their last speeding ticket online. The internet has made lots of stuff more convenient for the consumer, and creating postcards online is just another example of how wonderful the changes are.

Novice computer users or graphically challenged individuals should not be frightened by these changes either. In fact, ordering postcards online is actually much simpler than trying to figure things out by traditional means. Traditionally, customers may have entered a store front and flipped through a catalog or something. Even if they found something close to what they envisioned, it was not so easy to create custom postcards. You would generally have to stick with what design you chose, or pay a lot of money to a graphic designer. Creating postcards online simplifies this process greatly. Instead of searching through a big catalog you can just do a search query and find what you were looking for in seconds. Uploading images from your computer and tweaking the template design means that you can have something truly unique.

Besides having the ability of making postcards online, you can also have the mailing process done for you as well. This means you can send out thousands of advertisements and never have to leave your office. No faxes, phone calls, or contribution to the city smog problem. Sending out personalized postcards means that you can expect to receive a better return on investment as well. Make sure you read about our Direct Mail Postcards before you start creating your postcards online.

Another powerful advantage of creating your postcards online is that some companies (such as allow you to print out a copy of the design on your home/office printer. This possible because they allow you to download your artwork in PDF format. That means that you can show the postcard to your co-workers or friends to get their advice before spending any money.

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