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Photo Postcards

For consumers, photo postcards can
  • carry relevant images
  • convey pertinent messages
For photographers, photo postcards can
  • present your work to customers
  • advertise discount information

To Get Started Now, upload your photo,
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Postcards with Mailing Service: 4" x 6"
Dimensions: Small, 4" x 6"
Card Stock: Premium Quality 14pt.
UV Coating: Optional Front Side UV Coating (glossy)
Mailing Service: Bulk Mail or First Class
Delivery Method: Shipped through UPS (United Parcel Service)
Manufacturing: Offset printing with stochastic RIP

Step 1: Create a Postcard
Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates and add your text.

Step 2: Prepare your List
Insert your company logo and images.

Step 3: Select Postage
Select the template for the back of the postcard, or leave blank.

Step 4: Sign In or Register
Checkout and get your postcards mailed direct to you.

Q. What is the cost of printing my postcards?
A. Please refer to the Pricing page on our website where you can enter the specifications of your order for an instant cost.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Simply create an account, choose your product and design or upload your artwork. Select your shipping method, or let us mail your order out from our facility. You will pay for the order by credit card on our secure website. It's as simple as that!

Q. I'm not finished designing my postcards, but have to leave my computer. Can I save the work I've already done?
A. Sure, just click "save" and your project will be saved. To find it, go to "my account" and "my saved projects."

Q. Can I make changes to my order?
A. Check your order history to be sure your cards haven't been printed. If not, you may then modify artwork, put your order on hold, change your shipping method or cancel your order. You may also change the quantity and other specifications.

Q. Do you provide proofs?
A. All proofs are viewed online and the colors are close to what will be printed, depending on your own monitor.

Q. Can I re-order my postcards at another time? A. On our home page you will find a "reorder button" for your convenience.

Q. What kind of paper is used for my cards?
A. We use a 14-point stock with a semi-gloss finish for our postcards.

Q. Do you offer UV Coating?
A. Yes, you may choose to add UV coating when you place your order.

Q. If I use my own mailing list, what format should I use to upload it?
A. We accept .txt, .cvs or .xls files for mailing lists.

Q. Is there anything special that the U.S. Post Office requires for mailing postcards?
A. You must have a 5/8" strip along the bottom of the back side of the card to allow for printing the barcode. In addition, you'll need 3.5" on the right side of the back for address imprinting. The U.S. Post Office will not mail any designs containing pornographic or illegal images.

Q. What if I have a problem after I've received my order?
A. Postcards.com will work with you to solve any problems you have. If you have made a typographical error, we will reprint your cards at a 50% discount. This discount, however, does not apply to mailing services. If we miss our production deadline or if UPS delays your package then we will fully refund your shipping charges ($50 Maximum).

Q. What if my cards arrive in the mail damaged or do not arrive to the recipients?
A. The postcards are delivered to USPS without smudges/scratches. They come in contact with different equipment at the USPS level that may cause damage. Once the order is delivered to the USPS, we have no control over damages or undeliverables. The same thing can occur if you mail them directly. We aren't able to reprint or refund if this occurs.

Photo Postcards

Photo postcards are attractive expressions of technology that is powering more personalized marketing tools. Postcards with dewy fresh natural visuals that capture beautiful moments have little competition among other publicity materials. They infuse a ‘life like’ quality in your message and captivate your audience by conveying ideas which hundreds of words fail to put across. Few things work better than evocative images for driving home your point to the target audience. Emotions represented through powerful pictures rarely lose their impact. Images are compelling and easy to comprehend manifestations of thoughts, feelings and emotions; and are therefore easier to relate to. Using photo postcards for personal and commercial purposes ensures that your cause is firmly ingrained in the audience’s mind through a series of thought-provoking or plain pretty images.

Enhanced technology for quicker and shaper photo postcards

Digital cameras and advanced software applications allow entrepreneurs to create custom photo postcards which are strategically designed to boost sales. An enticingly touched up, sharp and rich visual of your products/services in flattering angles is hard to ignore. The process of developing a film and having it scanned at a conventional print shop is now redundant and has been replaced by a more polished digital technology which allows you to directly upload images from a camera. An established and professional online printer like Postcards.com can then provide easy tools to import these photographs into slick photo postcard templates that are designed to create stunning postcards in minutes.

Sleek, state of the art tools on Postcards.com make it easy for you to place large orders immediately. Apart from volume, every piece comes with the assurance of quality that is not comprised by the low-price. For first time users who aren’t proficient with uploading files and playing with graphical applications, the site has a team of skilled customer service specialists who will take you through the process of creating killer photo postcards. This gives you more leverage to place repeat orders in the future. You can save finished designs and have complete control over modifying them later.

Give your business and personal occasions the ‘visual’ advantage with photo postcards

Photo postcards are a boon for businesses operating in the food, wedding, travel and fashion sector. Photographers can have a feast with high resolution photo postcards parading pictures from their personal portfolio. Even postcards advertising store sales can go trendy by flaunting attractive pictures of the piece de resistance of the season. You can include an interesting caption like “Will you be the first to lay your hands on our super signature designer wear”? Such forceful questions can bring out the competitive streak in your customers and have them rush to your store.

You can either use a single riveting image that stays with your audience or create a dazzling montage of pictures which reflect a variety of facets of your services. For personal events, save the date postcards that inform invitees about blocking certain days for special occasions are becoming increasing popular. For weddings or engagements- cute photographs of the host couple in their best wedding finery does the magic. Similarly for a birthday party invitation photo postcard-use an image of the birthday boy/girl blowing candles delightfully. A photograph of a couple waltzing against the backdrop of the sunset works well for a silver/golden wedding anniversary celebration.

Other Creative uses of photo postcards

Photo postcards can be used as inexpensive marriage announcement materials or business anniversary invitation cards. Utilize the back of the card to include a small personalized note for the former or a loyalty bonus voucher for the latter. New enterprises can also include a location map at the back of the card. For an 18th birthday celebration, you can prepare a photographic collage capturing each of the 18 years of the birthday boy/girl on the postcard. Create completely customized thank you postcards which bear images of you enjoying the gift of each guest. Photo postcards are also great for announcing achievements of family members or employees. You can send commercial photo postcards to loyal customers after the company accomplishes an important milestone. Thanking customers for the company’s achievements shows gratitude and makes patrons feel a part of your organization, thus fostering greater loyalty. You can use photographs of your team along with a brief yet warm and personally signed note. If you are unable to complete an order on time, send a professional sorry postcard to customers and business associates updating them about the status of the order and mentioning your plan of action for rectifying the situation. Evocative photo postcards that touch a chord with the audience can be used for fund-raising or announcing local charity functions.

A professional online printing firm can add tremendous value

A professional, reputed and expert printing firm like Postcards.com can help you assemble beautiful photo postcards which can be completely fine tuned according to personal preferences. Everything from the zoom effects and finishing to additional layers of text and background can be assigned without any hassle. The superior printing equipment of the site combined with stringent quality control measures ensures that you have impressive looking postcards which are bound to give an edge to your business. A quality 14 pt. premium-grade card stock makes your finished product look rich, solid and professional.

To make your cards look sparkling smooth and protected, add a shiny UV coating to them. The specialized coating amplified by a thick card stock gives a business-like appearance to the photo postcards; and speaks volumes about the refined and quality centric attitude of your organization.

The biggest advantage of engaging the services of a reputed online printer is that it’s a one-stop shop for all solutions related to designing, printing and mailing the photo postcards. The powerfully channelized and streamlined mailing system of Postcards.com ensures that your cards are directly shipped to your audience without any trouble. It’s as effortless as uploading your mailing list or making it from scratch for free and having your message infiltrate several homes.

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