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Can Your Clients Find You?

If you’re a real estate agent, postcards are almost certainly a part of your life. You’ve got your semi-annual “I’m still here” cards, your holiday greetings, and so forth. Unfortunately, most folks, when ready to buy, don’t bother much about the “million-dollar club” or your motto (“Working hard for you”). They just grab the latest ad they received and dial. You want to make sure that the latest card is the one you just sent out.

Just-listed postcards are invaluable here. A picture of a well-kept house with flower borders and prominent windows can inspire even someone who wasn’t especially interested in buying to think about it. Naturally you will put the best-looking house you have (or a best feature, such as a spa or a spiral staircase) front and center. Other listings, if you have them, and your own photo will take up smaller squares.

Your firm may have a template for just-listed postcards with their logo and specific places to put information. Or you might use an Internet template. Make the most of your space. Use color, frames and inserts to highlight your facts, but don’t make the front too busy.

A big, borderless photograph of a house is also acceptable, but it is not as pleasing to the eye as divided spaces. You would also have to put your contact info on the back, which is okay, but not as accessible. You want to them to be able to find you with as little trouble as possible.