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Direct Mail Postcards

The fast and easy way to have your Postcards mailed for you.
  • We print and mail your Postcards direct to your mailing list
  • Upload your mailing list to Postcards.com for Free
  • Rush service available, please call or email for details
  • Mailed through the US Post Office, with your choice of First Class or Bulk mail
Dedicated Direct Mail Customer Service Specialists are waiting to help you, Please call us at: 1-888-663-7080 or email at: Support@postcards.com

Need your Postcards mailed to you instead?
Postcards with Mailing Service: 4" x 6"
Dimensions: Small, 4" x 6"
Card Stock: Premium Quality 14pt.
UV Coating: Front Side only
Mailing Service: Bulk Mail or First Class
Delivery Method: Mailed out with the U.S. Postal Service. Addresses provided in MS Excel or CSV format.
Transit Times: USPS generally delivers Bulk Mail within 1-3 weeks, First class within 1-3 days.
Postcards Prices 4" x 6"2 Postage Types

Step 1: Register for an Account:
Click on register at the top of the screen. Reordering is easy. If you don't already have an account, it takes only a few seconds to save your account information and register.

Step 2: Create a Postcard:
Choose from hundreds of professionally-designed templates or upload your own artwork

Step 3: Upload your data list:
Organize your mailing list and upoad it in .xls, .csv or.txt format

Step 4: View the PDF proof:
View the artwork PDF with the addresses
Place your order.

Q. What is the cost of printing my postcards?
A. Please refer to the Pricing page on our website where you can enter the specifications of your order for an instant cost.

Q. How do I place an order?
A. Simply create an account, choose your product and design or upload your artwork. Select your shipping method, or let us mail your order out from our facility. You will pay for the order by credit card on our secure website. It's as simple as that!

Q. I'm not finished designing my postcards, but have to leave my computer. Can I save the work I've already done?
A. Sure, just click "save" and your project will be saved. To find it, go to "my account" and "my saved projects."

Q. Can I make changes to my order?
A. Check your order history to be sure your cards haven't been printed. If not, you may then modify artwork, put your order on hold, change your shipping method or cancel your order. You may also change the quantity and other specifications.

Q. Do you provide proofs?
A. All proofs are viewed online and the colors are close to what will be printed, depending on your own monitor.

Q. Can I re-order my postcards at another time? A. On our home page you will find a "reorder button" for your convenience.

Q. What kind of paper is used for my cards?
A. We use a 14-point stock with a semi-gloss finish for our postcards.

Q. Do you offer UV Coating?
A. Yes, you may choose to add UV coating when you place your order.

Q. If I use my own mailing list, what format should I use to upload it?
A. We accept .txt, .cvs or .xls files for mailing lists.

Q. Is there anything special that the U.S. Post Office requires for mailing postcards?
A. You must have a 5/8" strip along the bottom of the back side of the card to allow for printing the barcode. In addition, you'll need 3.5" on the right side of the back for address imprinting. The U.S. Post Office will not mail any designs containing pornographic or illegal images.

Q. What if I have a problem after I've received my order?
A. Postcards.com will work with you to solve any problems you have. If you have made a typographical error, we will reprint your cards at a 50% discount. This discount, however, does not apply to mailing services. If we miss our production deadline or if UPS delays your package then we will fully refund your shipping charges ($50 Maximum).

Q. What if my cards arrive in the mail damaged or do not arrive to the recipients?
A. The postcards are delivered to USPS without smudges/scratches. They come in contact with different equipment at the USPS level that may cause damage. Once the order is delivered to the USPS, we have no control over damages or undeliverables. The same thing can occur if you mail them directly. We aren't able to reprint or refund if this occurs.

Direct Mail Postcards

Doing business in a competitive scenario where everyone is clamoring for the customer’s attention can be tricky. A well-laid out, dynamic and incisively devised strategy is a must if you plan to take the competition head on. You need to flesh out new-fangled ideas and marketing techniques to give a fresh lease to your marketing campaign frequently. Direct mail postcards are resourceful channels to disseminate information about your company attractively. They can be used for anything from announcing flagship stores and seasonal sales to change in location and special consumer events. These handy promotional tools keep reinforcing your existence to potential/existing customers and make sure your brand always stays in their mind. Being firmly etched in the audience’s mind means when they have to make a decision about certain products/services in your business category, your brand will be the first to pop up.

Take the personalized route for creating killer direct mail postcards

With a little creativity you can efficiently harness the power of direct mail postcards and make them forces to reckon with as opposed to them coming across as boring junk mail that often ends up in trash cans. Personalization is at the epicenter of creating direct mail postcards which work. Customers value being treated as individuals and not mere numbers on your client list. Addressing them by their name, a small personally signed note or mentioning small details that you recall from your interaction with them goes a long way in engraving your impression as a customer-friendly organization. These gestures translate into likeability, familiarity and loyalty to the brand. Since all other players operating in your sector are offering more or less similar products/services, your attitude to customers will define the success of the venture.

Use smart copy that compels the audience to read your message

Understand the compelling needs of your customers before designing your direct mail campaign. Use sharp postcards with dramatic images to inform them how your services can benefit them. Raise questions that are bound to pique their interest. Don’t just use statements that boast of your features. Ask stinging and evocative questions that reveal your brand USP to work a more impactful direct mail postcard. Rather than waxing eloquent about how you offer low mortgage rates, hit the point with “Are you financially drained out after paying for you over-priced mortgage each month? It will push them to consider your services and call the number placed strategically on the postcard. Keep the copy crisp, sharp and conversational. Don’t forget to add a memorable tagline that smartly summarizes your corporate philosophy.

An efficient distribution system works wonders for your direct mail postcards campaign

One of the most important aspects of a direct mailing campaign is the distribution of the publicity material. A keenly planned strategy that is created after extensive research of demographics and buying trends has to be backed by an able distribution channel. Postcards.com with their competent mailing system can infuse a greater efficiency and productivity in your direct mail postcards campaign. The site will print and directly mail the pretty postcards to your mailing list without you having to bother about the distribution. Mailing lists can be uploaded at no extra cost and you also have the option of opting for a rush service for urgent consignments.

Specialized online printers to boost your direct mail postcards marketing

A professional and reputed printer like Postcards.com gives you a distinct advantage of having your entire campaign taken care of at one place. The unique and user-friendly interface ensures that you have the flexibly to do everything from uploading completed designs and picking visually stunning templates to giving the desired finishing and adding new images of your choice. You can manipulate new layers, bright fonts, back templates, background effects and dimensions effortlessly by following basic instructions.

The best part about designing your postcard from an expert online printer like Postcards.com is that you have absolute control over exploiting the versatility of your direct mail postcards through easy to use features. A simple, onetime registration allows you to create a personal account, track order history and save print orders for future reference. The prompt and dedicated staff at the site makes sure they give you expert designing solutions for boosting your direct mail campaign.

Pre-designed Templates for quick and professional looking postcards

Postcards.com boasts of proficiently designed templates which have been put together after careful study of designs that are known to create the desired effect for various categories and purposes. Each postcard is designed by keeping in mind the vibe of the vibe of the profession. While lawyers can print the no-nonsense ‘Need a Lawyer’ postcard depicting the iconic Scales of Justice, designer stores advertising sales by sending save the date cards can have vibrant, fashionable postcards printed on premium quality 14 pt. card stock.

Postcards.com also has an enviable collection of travel postcard templates that capture the essence of a destination desirably. The template categories vary widely from creative and modern templates to nature and hobbies focused ones. The calendars are especially handy if you want customers to retain your postcards throughout the year.

Utilize space on the direct mail postcards creatively

Since these postcards are designed to encourage the customer to give your business a try, throw in something that expedites the customer’s decision. Include a discount coupon that can be redeemed on first time purchases. You can even list useful information related to your business category at the back of the card. If you are announcing the arrival of a brand new Mexican restaurant in town, share a signature recipe at the back of the card.

Reinforce customer loyalty with direct mail postcards on special occasions

There are special occasion postcard templates on the site to greet loyal customers and take the opportunity to remind them of your business for continued patronage. It also shows your gratitude and customer friendly approach and fosters greater brand loyalty. Include a loyalty bonus voucher in the postcard to retain regular customers from hopping across to competitors.

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