Appointment Reminder Postcards

Many businesses such as law offices, dental offices, and hospitals rely upon consumers actually showing up for appointments. It can be difficult or impossible to make up for the lost revenue from missed appointments. It can also be unwise to assess missed appointment fees, especially when it is for repeat customers. That is why all of these businesses want to look for a better way to make sure that customers actually show up for their appointments. One of the best ways to decrease the no-show rate is to send appointment reminder postcards.

Many customers simply don't remember appointments that may have been booked months ago. That is why it is very helpful to remind customers such as with appointment reminder postcards. Another method many businesses try to use is to make reminder phone calls. This can be problematic in some cases. If the customer answers the phone, he or she may not be able to write down or record the appointment information. As a result, there is a high risk that the customer will forget about the appointment again. If the customer does not answer the phone, the appointment information can be stored in voicemail and retrieved. However, this is not a reliable outcome with the phone method.

Because of the problems with the phone method, it is better to go with appointment reminder postcards instead. The customer can save the postcard or refer to it later when he or she has the time to enter the information into the computer or the smartphone. There is very little risk of the customer losing the appointment information. And it is relatively cheap to send at the postcard postage rate. This is likely the best way to lower the no-show rate.

There can be a lot of revenue lost and time wasted when customers do not keep their appointments because they forgot about it. In many cases, a gentle reminder within a week of the appointment is all that is needed to ensure that more people show up. That is why appointment reminder postcards are a good idea for any business that relies on customer appointments.

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