Santa Postcards

In days gone by, Christmas cards were a staple for businesses to send out to their valued customers to thank them for their patronage in the past year. However, with the rising cost of postage and greeting cards as a whole, the emergence of holiday and Santa postcards as a method of communicating is expanding.

The cost of a first class stamp is .45c versus .32c for a postcard. While that may not sound like a huge difference, when you have a large mailing list of customers you want to communicate with over the holidays, it can make a big difference in the affordability of this marketing technique. Additionally, the cost of the cards themselves is substantially less expensive when ordering Santa postcards instead of full folding holiday cards.

While the image of Santa stirs up the image of generosity and gives warm fuzzies to most everyone who sees it, there are also other holiday images you can purchase if you want a more neutral greeting. Some companies actually buy New Years cards to be sent out the week after Christmas to capture more attention. This way, the card comes in after the big card rush and isn't lost in the mass of cards that most businesses receive. Additionally, New Years Cards are not religiously or tradition based, so they appeal to all cultures.

Sending Santa postcards is also a great way to get the word out to special customers about a special you may be running during the holiday season. You can have them customized with a holiday greeting or a special pricing deal that you want to advertise. With the benevelent Santa on the front, your company comes across looking quite generous with its offer and it's less likely to be misconstrued as "junk mail."

By purchasing postcards in bulk, you are likely to save a great deal of money too. It may be wise to buy enough for two years at one time, to save on money. Purchasing forever stamps to go on the cards is another great way to keep the cost associated with mass mailings down.

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